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A Taste of Blood

She suddenly turned my head to meet her eyes and her gaze. I felt my body suddenly grow numb as our eyes collided. I couldn't seem to look away from her, I felt frozen! The colors began to blur as everything seemed to be slipping away. A faint noise rose above the song. It was a mixture of voices. They sounded like screams....!
For one instant, a sense of clarity shown threw my eyes and I managed to turn my head to see the room covered in a red mist. Blood was flying everywhere as the crowd was being ripped apart. Strippers drank their victims, gorging on the massacre. I turned my head back to the dancer on top of me. She was looking down at me with a wicked smile. She bared her teeth showing long sharp fangs, her eyes changing. They burned a volcanic red as She pulled my head back by snatching a clump of my hair and exposed my neck to the demon's maw. She shrieked in animal-like hunger and proceeded to rip my throat out




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Ethan Molinere
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I attended the University of Louisiana in Lafayette where I studied political science and visual art. My Artwork is composed of multiple mediums. I paint...a lot and I hope you take a peek at some of the works in my gallery and leave me some insight.



Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 10:05 PM


    “Blood? Is that what you want?” She asked me as she laid on the bed in her underwear. “It would bring you power, anything you desire.' She smiled at that, showing a pair of very sharp fangs. She sat up slowly keeping her eyes on me. Her red locks of hair glowed in the dimly lit room.
    My heart beat rapidly as this all became real. I lied..I really shouldn't of, but she was so hot! I told her I was into gore and vampires just to impress her. She went with it all and here I was, in front of a fucking vampire! Her smile turned to a frown and she tilted her head to side, her locks bouncing with the motion and partially covered her face.     “Oh my my, your heart is beating like a little hummingbird!”She laughed and brushed her hair away.
    “I..I..” I tried stammering, lost for words. Her eyes were so enchanting, glinting with light. I could practically feel the power and lost in her. A chill went through me and my body turned to the door. She was there...standing in front of it! Before I even knew it, she moved from the bed past me and stood there blocking my way. She reached out her arms and wrapped them around me.
    She smiled and leaned into me, her eyes breaking away from mine. She was humming to herself as she pulled me close. It almost felt like I could feel her eyes beginning to trail down my face, my lips, my neck..She softly dragged her nails across my face, sliding them down the side to my neck. Her humming stopped and I could her hear take a deep breath. Instinct kicked in and I pulled away from her. “Sorry! I just uh-I..” I stammered and backed away from her, my brain raced as I tried to piece this all together.
    “UGH!” She exclaimed.
    “What are you? Some sort of PUSSY!” she screamed and charged me. She was ungodly strong, way stronger then me or any human. She grabbed my arms and slammed me against the wall. The force of impact knocked the wind out of me and the room began to spin.
    “Listen here you fucking human, and listen reallllll close.” She growled. After several deep breathes, the room stopped spinning. She squeezed my arms harder and the pain snapped me back to reality and my eyes went to hers. Her eyes were pulsating red. Holy shit, she looked hungry. “I'm so fucked” I thought to myself.
    She began, “You had me all worked up at the bar with your bullshit lies. Yeah, you like vampires huh? You like what we are?” At that, she let go and I sank back into the wall. However, I was suddenly knocked back and fell to my knees as my face erupted into searing pain. I screamed out covered my face with my hands. I pulled my hands away and they were covered in my blood.
    I felt the blood seep from whatever happened to my face. It dripped from my brow and into my eyes. The burning sensation intensified causing me to wince as I tried to wipe it away. Through the pain I managed to look up at her and saw that she was holding out her hand. It was covered in my blood. She was still standing there in her underwear but my blood was splattered across it. She was smiling at me. I felt anger and fear fill me, which began to take the edge off of the pain. She must of known how I felt because she laughed loudly. “Is this what you wanted? Or did you just want to fuck me? Aweee!” She said and knelt by me. “Thinking I was some easy lay?” She pouted like a baby, sticking out her bottom lip. She got really close to me and I cringed. She whispered, “Wrong fucking idea...” “I'm so dead” was all that ran through in my head.

Over and Over and Over.

     She grabbed my arm and pulled me up. Effortlessly, she shoved me onto the bed. Instantly I was pinned down, her sitting on my stomach and her legs over my arms. Her hands, her claws, ripped into my shirt. My skin bled from her lashes and I began to scream out in pain. Her hand immediately clamped down over my mouth and with her other, went to my throat. “You scream and you die human” She said in a calm voice. 'Got it?” She asked raising her eyebrows. My will to fight suddenly left me, I lay still. She squeezed harder on my throat and my eyes widened. I began nodding frantically. My eyes stung from the blood and sweat and my body hurt so much.
    She leaned back and flicked her hair, bits of my flesh and my blood flew from it. “You wanted this, you wanted what I had to offer..”She began, “You all love the idea of us, vampires but you fear us and mock us with your stupid fucking movies. Well, hows this for you?” She released her grip on my throat and uncovered my mouth.
    She brought her face next to mine, she dragged her tongue across my lashes and licked away the blood. “Mmmmm, sweet,”She giggled. She moved down my face and her lips found mine. She kissed me deeply and I could taste my own blood. For a few moments we kissed, but then she pulled away and began to kiss my cheek. She moved down to my chin and then she went to my neck. She kissed along it and I could feel her breathing across my skin. She hovered over my skin, hovered over my veins.
 “You call us monsters...”She whispered and bite down.
     Pain shot through me, I felt her teeth shred my skin and every muscle and twitch sent waves of pain through me. I felt my blood gush out in bursts. Her teeth pulled away from my skin and her lips clamped down onto my skin. She was humming again, it was almost like she was purring..She was loving every second of this as I was dieing. Seconds passed and the pain began to fade. I thought of my death as the pain slowly turned into what felt like pleasure. I couldn't really tell as my body started going numb, my strength almost completely gone. I knew I was bleeding out and I could almost hear my heart slowing. She stopped and picked her head up. She looked into my eyes. Those pulsating red eyes...
     “You lost more blood then I thought..Your dieing.” She explained. “Please-” I barely whispered, pleasure and numbness filled me. “Oh?”She spoke raising her eyebrow. Her hands went to hips and she rocked her body seductively. She stopped however and her voice changed. “Say Yes..” Her voice was grave and sober. My vision dimmed, and with what felt like everything I had left, I whispered...

       She laughed, “YES, I KNEW YOU WOULD COME AROUND!” Her hand went to her mouth and she bit down. Her blood poured out and she held it to my mouth. Droplets touched my lips, dripped to my tongue, but it didn't taste like blood..It was sweet, like honey. More blood dripped into my mouth, the sweetness filled my mouth and I began to feel warm. The numbing feeling left me as I drank more. “Come on now, you can do it.'” She encouraged me. I raised my hand and manged to grasp hers and pulled it to my mouth. She leaned forward over me and placed her other hand onto the wall.
      Power crept into me and I moved my other hand and placed it on her thigh. “Good boy!” she exclaimed. “Any minute now!” She pulled her hand away and crawled off of me. She ran her fingers through my hair as I laid there. This warmth grew from my chest and it began to burn. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out but a croaking noise. “It's okay, you will be fine!” She smiled and watched me. The burning felt like pure fire and it spread from my chest to the ends of my limbs. My vision burned and all I could see was bright light. I could feel my heart beating rapidly and the fire felt like it was going to consume me. My body twisted in pain and then suddenly it was all gone.

    Just Darkness

 That is all I saw. I felt nothing. Just empty. I knew I was dead, I could feel myself dead. “Is this what happens?” I thought and then there was the light again. It was a flicker in the emptiness, but it began to grow. The warmth returned and with it I could feel this power filling the void. I felt myself open my eyes and it was like I awoke from a dream. The room was dimly lit, yet the colors seemed incredibly vivid. I sat up and the vampire was still sitting beside me. She was covered in my blood and some still dripped from her chin. A smile played across her blood-smeared lips and her eyes shone with happiness. “Welcome back.”
     “Am I a vampire now?” I asked calmly and looked down to see myself covered in blood too. She nodded enthusiastically and her arms went to push me down. I didn't resist as she got back on top of me. Her hands went to my chest and she dragged her nails across them. She torn open my shirt, then went to take her bra off. “Now we can really have some fun!” She purred. She threw her top across the room and leaned in to kiss me.
    As I tasted my own blood I never knew I could be so sweet.


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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
― Friedrich NietzscheMonsters in the Dark by Between-the-DivineBlood Baron by Between-the-DivineZombie (completed) by Between-the-DivineAre you my mommy? by Between-the-Divine


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